The feeding programme in Burkina Faso
Aid to Syrian refugees in Syria
The scholarship programme in Burkina Faso
Learn to read in Nepal
Building a school in Cameroon
Scholarship for the Kamalari-Girls in Nepal
Our sponsored children from India, Nicaragua, El Salvador and the Philippines
Education for girls in Bolivia
Aid for the Philippines
Charity travel to Africa
Happiness for children in Germany
Safe cities for girls in India
Girls' networks: Together we are strong
Girls and young women for climate protection


Letter and picture from Majoy

How beautiful! Majoy drew us a great picture. In her letter the family thanks us for sponsoring Majoy. Majoy’s mother wrote the letter because Majoy’s... Read More

A letter from Edgar

We have received a letter from Edgar. Edgar is doing very well. He is now in the third year of school and thanked us for... Read More

Majoy is 8 years old

Our sponsored child Majoy from the Philippines celebrated her 8th birthday on August 7th. We wish her all the best. Read More