Our sponsored child Mounika is now almost 16 years old. After many years of support from Plan International her community is now able to take over the management of projects in Krishna (India). That is why the scholarship for Mounika ends. We wish Mounika all the best for her way in life!

Here you can find some background information:

Familiy and living conditions 

Mounika lives approximately 450 kilometers from the provincial capital of India “Hyderabad”. She lives with her parents and her younger brother and sister. In the home, Mounika and her family speak the local language “Telugu”. Mounika lives with her parents, her sister and her brothers in a small village. This village is situated approximately 450 km from Hyderabad. The family lives in a small house made from lime and branches with a straw roof. Both parents work in the fields. They use an open fire, to prepare their daily meals. They often do not have enough, clean water. Furthermore, they use the field as a toilet and the town does not have a health centre. The living conditions are generally not good and lead to health problems. However there have been improvements made to Mounikas village. The government recently installed street lights, to provide security for the inhabitants of the village at night. Furthermore, some areas have been provided with electricity, to create better conditions for the agriculture industry. This is Mounika with her mother and her sister.


In her free time Mounika likes to play with their friends, Shivanagarani and Rajeswari. They make toys, play local games and chat with each other about diverse things and other local secrets. Furthermore, Mounika likes to read books, to knit or to watch TV. She helps her mother with housework and helps her both younger siblings with her homework.


India is a country with a huge ethical and linguistic diversity. The official language is Hindi or English. The religious affiliation is divided up in to Hinduism (80%), Islam (11%) and Christianity (2.4%). This causes many political and financial issues leading to poverty affecting 40 % of the population. Child labour is also a large worrying factor which needs to be controlled. Children need an education and to be able to enjoy their childhood rather than having it all stolen away from them.

Dialego´s help

Dialego adopted Mounika in order to help her have a better way of living. Every month sponsored money is transferred into the Plan International funds and the money then goes towards school supplies, school transportation, health check-ups, water facilities etc.