For the first time the Dialego Foundation supported a project in Germany: Malaika e.V. is an association who developed the project “Happiness” for children in primary school age. Supporting children at an early age is fundamental for the further development of their personality. The aim of the project “Happiness” is to integrate the people, who are important for the child, actively and to guarantee transferability to other primary schools. The project is designed to deliver a practical guide through life and to support children in primary school age in the development of their personality. It wants to contribute to the understanding of the power of inner strength as being the driving force to happiness and success. The aim is to educate confident and self-assured children and to give them a purpose-oriented support, find out their personal strengths and develop them. The children should learn to use their potential in a creative way, to use a solution-oriented way of thinking and to develop perspectives on their own.