The joint project work in the area Chinandega, where our sponsored child Diego lives, has now been completed. Lasting improvements have been made in the core areas of our work, such as education, health, basic care or the respect of children’s rights. Careful and regular evaluation has ensured progress on location. The municipality of our sponsored child Diego in the project area Chinandega can now continue the projects in self-government.

Here are some background information about Diego:


Diego lives together with his parents and two younger siblings. Diego’s father Juan is a very responsible man. He is the sole-earner and like many family fathers he has enough problems finding the money for his family tosurvive. He always works, no matter where. At the momenthe is working as a builder and before that he was a security man with a seafood company. In this way, the father provides his family with food, medicines, shoes, school things and school uniform and ensures the happiness and peace prevails in the family. The mother provides with the family with care, support and love that they need. Diego and his younger siblings help their mother with the housework; they go shopping or clean the house and courtyard.

Living conditions 

Thanks to hard work, Diego’s family have been able to buy a piece of land and have built themselves a small house in the San Manuel neighbourhood. Up until recently Diego lived with his family in a small community, 150km north-west from the capital city, Managua. The small house was in a very bad condition. The house was built from cardboard, had a corrugated metal roof and had been built on illegal land. Their new house is made of zinc, and the sides of the house are built of plastic; these materials offer considerably better living conditions than the old house. The building of the new house is one of the best things to have ever happened to the family: their main source of energy continues to be wood. Diego is in good health and does not suffer frequently from illnesses like other children. Diegos little sister suffers from an eye disease on her left eye. When she was 10 months old, she had to stay a long time in hospital and her mother was worried that she would lose her eyesight completely. However, “thankfully” only one eye was affected by the disease.

Education and freetime

Diego attends a secondary school, which is located in half an hour distance from her home. His favourite school subject is geography.

Village, people and culture 

In the small village there is a school, a health centre and a dental clinic. Every household has approx. 10 family members. The adults mostly work on banana and sugar plantations. The work is very hard, as this area is one of the hottest and driest in Nicaragua. The average family income is 1 Dollar per day. There is not much money left over for a good education as well as better living conditions. Therefore, many people choose to move, in order to find better work. However there are always happy moments even in the most difficult situations. A family spoke proudly about the communal television of the village, which one can use for a small fee. Moreover, the Christian festivals also play an important role in village life and bring much happiness:  For example the village celebrate a festival called „La Griteria” in the Easter weeks which is similar to Halloween.

Current situation in Diegos home 

In the region, in which Diego lives, there are currently diverse projects being run in whichfamilies with children, also young adults can take part:

  • Activities which improve the health of the children
  • Protection of expectant mother, mothers of small children and the whole family
  • Conservation and sourcing of clean water
  • Further education of young people, who have already finished school
  • Support of children and young people in the education
  • Activities to raise awareness of a sexual health issues