Plan International has launched the “Urban Programmme – Safe Cities for Girls and Women” in the three metropolitan cities of Delhi, Hanoi and Kampala. With our Dialego Foundation for Children we participated in this great project in India and created more security for girls in their living environment as well as in public areas like markets, parks and community facilities. Girls and boys were actively involved in the design and development of their district.

The objectives of the project

With this project, we want to empower girls to claim their rights and thus be able to stand up for more security in their living environment. At the same time, the opportunities for girls and boys to participate in the design and development of their city are to be improved. The project activities focus on the poor districts and slums of Delhi. In areas where girls live in confined spaces and are exposed to a particularly high risk of violence and sexual assault, we want to create conditions for girls to be able to move around their neighbourhood safely and ride buses or use other public transport without any danger. Around 9,300 girls and 8,400 boys aged between 13 and 18 are actively involved in increasing residents’ awareness of dangers that girls have to face in the city.


  • Increased safety and more autonomous freedom of movement for girls in cities
  • Better access to public spaces and squares for girls
  • More safety in public transport
  • More opportunities for girls to participate in the design and development of their city


  • Safety walks in which young people document dangerous places in their city and then communicate them to the authorities.
  • Cooperation with public transport companies for more safety in buses and trains
  • Strengthening the participation of girls thereby enabling them to influence politics and urban planning
  • Establishment of youth clubs in which girls and boys learn how to stand up for their rights

Thanks to your generous donations, we have supported this project with EUR 8,500.