Annual report 2016

Here we would like to present you the work of our Partner Plan International in the program area in which Seema lives. It is important to us to inform you about projects in the area of the sponsored child and about the development of the whole area.

These are the successes of the last 12 months, which we have made possible together:

  • 2,095 children (2 years and younger) were vaccinated
  • 2,636 women have given birth in the hospital
  • 1,201 children were protected from malnutrition
  • 856 young women went to the Anemia check
  • 16 depots for women’s sanitary napkins are operated by girls and women
  • 2,936 young women practice menstrual hygiene
  • 3,319 children go to school
  • 95 early school-leavers return to school
  • 527 children from 3-6 years of age go to kindergardens
  • 2,309 people use toilets
  • 3 schools received sanitary facilities, safe drinking water, books, and sports facilities