Board game to Edgar

We sent a gift to Edgar. A board game in a cotton bag. We hope Edgar enjoys it and has a lot of fun with it.

Mail from Edgar

We received a sweet letter from Edgar. He and his family are doing well. His school is unfortunately closed, but he gets online lessons. He is in the second grade … Read More

Warm Christmas greetings

We send you warm Christmas greetings and wish you a healthy start to the New Year. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your many … Read More

E-Mail to our sponsored children

Today we sent an e-mail to Seema and Edgar. We are very much looking forward to the answers of our sponsored children and will of course keep you up to … Read More

100,000 euros were achieved

Awesome. We have reached the gigantic donation sum of 100,000 euros. Thanks to you we can support such great projects. Thank you very much.

News from Seema

We have received a new photo from our sponsored child Seema from India. She attends a secondary school and her favourite lessons are science and painting. Seema has now been … Read More

A christmas picture for Edgar

Our student intern Zoe painted a Christmas picture. Isn’t it beautiful? This picture is sent with a letter and a gift to our sponsored child Edgar. We are looking forward … Read More

Seema is now 16 years old

Awesome, our sponsored child Seema celebrated her 16th birthday on 09 November. We wish her all the best and lots of love.

News from Edgar

We received a new photo of our sponsored child Edgar from El Salvador. Edgar is already 6 years old. He attends primary school and his favourite subject is painting. There … Read More

Another letter from Seema

We received another letter from our sponsored child Seema from India. She is very pleased that she has the opportunity to write to us. Seema is doing very well. She … Read More

News from Seema

We received news from our sponsored child Seema. Seema is doing very well. She was very happy about our letter and our gift. In her letter she tells us that … Read More

A new photo from Seema

We also received a new photo from our sponsored child Seema from India. Of course we would also like to share it with you.

A new photo from Edgar

We received a new photo from our sponsored child Edgar from El Salvador. We are always very happy when we receive pictures, letters or photos of our sponsored children. Of … Read More

Changes in Seema’s life

There have been changes in Seema’s immediate family circle. Her sister got married and left the family. Housing conditions have also changed. The house where the family lives now has … Read More

Learning to read in Nepal

We successfully completed the learning to read project in Nepal through your help. Enabled by a child-oriented expansion of their learning environment, 210 preschoolers as well as 400 first and … Read More

Seema’s birthday

Our sponsored child Seema celebrates her 15th birthday today. Crazy how time flies. We wish her all the best.

CSR award

This is so crazy! We won the CSR award in 2018! Many thanks to all who voted for us. The award is a wonderful confirmation of our work. We will … Read More

A letter from Seema

We received a letter and a picture of our sponsored child Seema. Seema is doing very well. She goes to school and her favorite subject is Hindi. She likes listening … Read More

Seema 2018

We received a new photo of Seema from India. Did not she grow up? Thanks Seema, we were very happy about your new photo.

90,000 euros were achieved

We are totally overwhelmed. The gigantic donation of 90,000 euros has been achieved. You are great!

Edgar is turning five today

Our sponsored child Edgar celebrates his fifth birthday today. We wish him all the best. Good luck, joy and health.

A letter from Edgar

We received a letter and a small drawing from our sponsored child Edgar. He is a funny boy who enjoys going to school and playing with cars. Edgar is friendly … Read More

Merry christmas

We wish you a merry christmas and thank you very much for your support.

A letter for Seema

Zoe, our student intern, has been involved with our Dialego Foundation for some time. She wrote a letter and painted a great picture for our sponsored child Seema.

All the best Seema

Our sponsored child from India celebrated her 14th birthday on the 9th of November. We wish you, dear Seema, good luck and all the best.

Our new sponsored child Edgar

We are very pleased to bring you more good news. After the successful completion of our sponsorship with Diego from Nicaragua, we are pleased to introduce Edgar from El Salvador. … Read More

The goal was reached in Chinandega

The joint project work in the area Chinandega, where our sponsored child Diego lives, has now been completed. Lasting improvements have been made in the core areas of our work, such … Read More

Annual report 2016

Here we would like to present you the work of our Partner Plan International in the program area in which Seema lives. It is important to us to inform you about … Read More

Our sponsored child Seema

We have received a new photo from our sponsored child Seema. There were changes in Seema’s tighter family circle. Two of her brothers got married and left the family. Seema is doing very … Read More

All the best Seema

Seema, our sponsored child from India celebrated its 13th birthday. We wish her all the best.

Happy birthday Diego

Our sponsored child Diego from Nicaragua celebrated at the weekend its 17th birthday. We wish him all the best.

A new photo from Diego

A new photo from Diego has reached us. Diego is 16 years old. His living conditions have not changed. He still attends a secondary school and is very healthy .

A new self- painted picture

We received a self- painted picture from our sponsored child Seema. In her letter she wrote us, that she is fine and that she likes to eat rice and curry. Now … Read More

A postcard from Plan

In March Plan visited our projects in Nepal and sent us a great postcard. Thank you so much. We are so pleased to have such a great partner.  

80.000 Euros achieved

Yes! We have reached the gigantic donation sum of 80,000 euros. You are great! Thank you so much to all our donators. We are looking forward to support more great … Read More

A new picture from Seema

We are so happy, because we received a new picture from Seema. Seema is now 12 years old and attends a secondary school. The families in the area where Seema lives, took part in … Read More

Confirmation of donation

In order to ensure a high level of transparency and accountability we would like to give you an insight into our donation receipts. In this way you can be sure … Read More

A painted image from Seema

We are always happy about news from our sponsored children. Today we received a painted image from our sponored child Seema from India. Thank you Seema, we were very pleased about that.